‘LOUVRE’ Premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival 2018

“I remember the first time I met Paul Scheer,” says the actor and co-creator of The X-Files, who was in attendance at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month.

“It was just like, ‘Whoa, what’s that?’

I’m like, I’ve never met him.

I think he was a big star.

He had such a huge career in Hollywood and had done a lot of films.

He was just the next big thing.”

Scheer had been on a film festival circuit for years, including one of the world’s largest blockbusters, which brought him to the Hollywood film festival in Cannes in August.

“Paul is one of those actors that you’re always like, this is the guy, this guy, he’s just like a natural.

He’s just that good,” he says.

Scheer then gave a tour of the festival’s new exhibition space, called ‘Cinema: The World of Cinematic Art’, which he had never been to before.

It opened in January 2019, and featured a series of films by filmmakers such as Luc Besson, Richard Linklater, Quentin Tarantino and Luc Bischoff, which were all filmed at the festival.

“I think there’s an opportunity here to show off new films and make new friends.

You know, this was the first Cannes I was really proud of,” he recalls.

“When I was there, I was actually in the very first film at Cannes and I think the first film I’ve ever seen.

And it’s a movie called The Big Short, which is about a bunch of guys, who all make terrible movies.

And I thought, ‘Oh my God, that’s a beautiful film’.

And it was The Big Red One. “

And then I got a call from Paul, who said, ‘We have a film for you at Cannes’.

And it was The Big Red One.

It’s a really beautiful film, and I remember he said, I think that was the best day of my life.

And he just said, You know what?

I really wanted to show you that film because it’s amazing.

It really is.”

Scheher, who has worked with the likes of David Fincher, Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer, and also had a long and distinguished career as an actor in films including The Big Lebowski and American Psycho, was impressed with the film and took the chance to see it with his daughter, Leah, who is eight years old.

“She was like, Dad, I don’t even know if I’m watching it, it’s so amazing,” he laughs.

“The first time you see this film, it was a real treat for me, because I’ve been watching it since it was made, so I thought I’d show her the movie.

It was so great.”

Scheers daughter Leah Scheer and his wife, actress Katie Scheer, arrive at the opening of The Big Yellow Taxi in the exhibition hall of the Palais des Festivals, on June 18, 2019 in Cannes, France.

Courtesy of Paul Scheers’ Estate The Scheers were also in attendance for the opening day of the International Festival of Contemporary Art in Cannes.

“He’s an amazing actor and he’s a great filmmaker,” says Leah Scheers.

“So he’s very passionate about the arts, and he really wanted me to be involved, and so I am.”

Leah Scheertz Scheer has worked extensively in film and television over the years, first appearing in the American sitcom, Friends, and has also worked on shows including American Horror Story: Asylum and Sons of Anarchy.

In the past, the actor has worked on TV shows including The Good Wife, The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries, and was a recurring guest on The X Files and Lost.

“We were always kind of excited to see what would happen in Hollywood,” says Scheer.

“This is a really unique opportunity.

I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Leah’s parents are from the Netherlands, but Leah has lived in Los Angeles for the past 15 years.

She and her husband, actress Peter Leeson, moved to Los Angeles in 2019, when the Scheers started working in the entertainment industry.

“In terms of having a daughter, we’ve been a little bit of a dream team,” Scheer says.

“My mom, she’s such a fan of all the different genres and so she’s always been really excited to be able to come to the festival and work with the great filmmakers.

So she’s very much in love with the festival.”

Leah also got to meet Scheer’s wife, Katie, during their time at the film festival.

Katie Scheerts Scheer was also very excited to get to spend time with his wife.

“There’s not a lot that’s on my bucket list for the first couple of years,” he explains.

“But when the film fest came around, I knew I had to get

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