Sen. Rand Paul on the importance of ‘brave leaders’

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., has made a major speech on the topic of foreign policy, which will be addressed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor Lt.

Gen. H.R. McMaster, both of whom are expected to defend the administration’s policies.

But Johnson has also made a point to emphasize the importance and relevance of those leaders.

Johnson, who will be in Iowa for a private campaign-style event on Friday, will be the first sitting senator to address the event.

In a press conference on Thursday, Johnson told reporters he was concerned about the impact of the Iran nuclear deal, the Syrian civil war and other foreign policy issues that have been weighing on his mind.

“It’s just the latest in a series of things that have caused me to have more and more concern for the stability of our country, and the stability in the world,” Johnson said.

It’s a good reminder to the American people that if they want to make a change, we have to have the right leaders in the room and they have to be willing to put their lives on the line to make that change,” Johnson added.

As the Republican presidential primary heads into its final stretch, Johnson is expected to speak about his efforts to make changes at the State Department, and how his former colleagues, as well as other former officials, can make the same changes in their own jobs.

Johnson’s address on Friday comes a day after he addressed the Iowa State Fair and the Iowa Freedom Summit, where he spoke of the importance to Americans of a “brave leader” and said he believed he was the only one in his position to offer that.

Johnson, like his predecessor, John Kerry, had also been critical of the Obama administration for not doing enough to prevent the rise of ISIS, saying that “our administration has failed the people of Iraq.”

Johnson’s speech on Friday also will be part of a broader outreach to Republicans, including in the state where he was born and grew up.

His visit to the state comes as his reelection campaign is in its second week and the race is tightening.

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