‘I feel like an outsider’: ‘I just don’t belong’

A woman from rural Michigan, who has been ostracised by her town for years for wearing a hijab, has been hailed a hero by the Muslim community.

Key points:The Muslim community is calling for the US to reconsider its policies banning the full-face veilThe Muslim woman, who is still in a wheelchair, was awarded an award by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for her braveryWhile the US is debating whether or not to ban the full face veil, a Muslim woman from Michigan has become the face of the issue in a nation where many have lost faith in the rule of law.

The Muslim American woman, Khadijah Al-Aulaqi, was a contestant on a national television show and a judge on a local news channel, The Flint Journal reported.

“I feel as though I’m an outsider,” Al-Abu-Salam told the newspaper.

“It’s not that I’m being ostracized by the community because I wear the hijab.

I just don: it’s not something I’ve felt welcome to do,” she said.”

For me, it’s something that’s part of my identity, but that’s just the way I see it.”‘

My head was spinning’When she was 13, she was bullied for wearing the hijab by her classmates.

“They wouldn’t allow me to go to school,” she told the Journal.

“We were in the middle of the middle school football field, I was crying because they were throwing me in the locker room.”

My head wasn’t spinning.

“She went to the principal and the principal told her: “I’m going to do something for you, I’m going, I’ll put you on my team, but you have to wear the veil.

“The hijab was a symbol of the Prophet Muhammad’s religious teachings.

But Al-Adwaqi was not happy with the decision and began wearing the veil on her daily walk around the school.

She wore it in solidarity with her fellow students.”

People have to understand that there are other people who are not like us and I’m not like them,” she added.”

But that’s what I have to do to protect myself from those who would treat me differently because of my religion.

“She is now the only one of her classmates who has worn the full veil, but the school still doesn’t allow it.”

The school has been silent and they’ve been quiet because they didn’t want to get sued by any of the other students who wear the full Muslim face veil,” she explained.”

There are so many Muslims that wear the face veil that I can’t even talk about it because of the negative response.

“The ACLU’s executive director, Anthony Romero, said the award was a recognition of Al-abu-salam’s courage.”

Every American deserves to be able to freely express their faith and beliefs, and this award recognizes a courageous Muslim woman who’s worn the hijab on her own time and for her own faith,” he said.

Al-Abuaqaqi is now a teacher and is now studying for a master’s degree in social work.”

She’s done a tremendous job in teaching, helping people who aren’t even able to go through school.”

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