The ‘private jet tour’ to see the famous ‘private’ jet is coming to Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia (AFP) – The world’s most famous private jet tour is heading to Brisbane on Friday, with a group of top Australian and New Zealanders heading there for private flying and a few days in the city’s old airport.

The private jet is set to take off from the Brisbane Airport, in the middle of the city, and travel through the city centre, to a hangar in South Bank and back to the airport.

It will take about three hours, and the aircraft will arrive at the airport at 10:30 a.m.

(1800 GMT), said Mark O’Sullivan, an aviation specialist and former Queensland government air traffic controller who was the project director for the private jet.

He said it was part of a “long-term, long-term” partnership between Queensland and the company which will fly it.

“It’s going to be the first time the jet will fly through Brisbane in almost 30 years,” he said.

The plane will fly on a private charter plane owned by O’Brien Aviation.

O’Connor said the aircraft would be flying from his company’s Brisbane headquarters in Brisbane.

“I hope it’s the best experience I’ve had in 20 years as a pilot,” he told the ABC.

“But we’re very grateful to Queensland.

I think they’ve got an exceptional aviation system.

It’s a fantastic experience.”

The plane, which will be flying to Sydney on Friday afternoon, will stop at the Port of Brisbane, where O’Connell said the company has signed a lease.

The flight will take the jet into the city at around 4:30pm.

The jet will be escorted by a number of security officers, including a security guard and a police officer.

A flight will also take the plane into the Queensland Government’s airport terminal, where the aircraft is expected to be inspected by staff.

A spokesman for the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads said there was no information on when the private plane would depart from the airport for Brisbane.

The airline said it hoped to start flying the aircraft in early June.

A spokesperson for the airline said the jet would not be able to fly through the CBD, but was expected to have a view of the CBD in the evening and night.

The airport is about 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the CBD.

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