U.K. is set to ban tourists from Tanzania

Private tours to the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been banned by the UK after two Britons were killed in clashes with security forces in the country.

Guernsey and the United States have also imposed travel restrictions on the two countries.

Tourism in the Democratic Union of the Republic of Congo is estimated to be worth about £1.8 billion ($2.1 billion).

More than half of the country’s 10 million people live in the eastern part of the Democratic Congo, where a combination of ethnic groups have battled for control of the territory since the country was split into two in the 1990s.

“We are very concerned about the safety of our citizens in the Congo and are very disappointed that the United Kingdom has decided to remove all tourists from the territory,” said Chris Harkness, a spokesman for the UK Foreign Office.

“The Government is working closely with our partners to work out how we can ensure the safety and security of our staff and visitors, and we will work with the Rwandan government and the Government of Uganda to ensure they are fully co-operating with our efforts.”

Kiran Kaur, the UN’s Special Representative for the Congo, said the decision “represents an attempt to isolate and isolate Congolese people in a way that is counterproductive and is also dangerous.”

She urged the Rwandans to take responsibility for their actions.

“This decision is a dangerous step in an ongoing pattern of impunity for the perpetrators of human rights abuses and violations of the human rights of Congoless citizens,” Kaur said.

In an earlier statement, the UK said it was “deeply disappointed” by the move and called on the Rwands government to immediately investigate the deaths of the two Britons.

The UK said the two British nationals were killed on June 18 when security forces opened fire on them when they tried to escape from a checkpoint in the remote area of the eastern town of Nairobi.

A government statement on Tuesday said a second British citizen, a 23-year-old man, was also killed in the clashes.

It said that the two were killed “in the context of a violent conflict.”

The statement added that “the British Government has been informed of the tragic deaths of these two Britons and is providing consular assistance.”

The two Britons died of gunshot wounds and “were reportedly in possession of firearms and ammunition”, the statement said.

“The incident has resulted in a very serious incident of serious and life-threatening injury to the two victims, which has been confirmed by the Congolist Government,” it added.

The statement said the UK was in contact with the Congolicans and was working closely together with the Ugandan government to provide assistance and support to the Rwans.

It said it hoped “to achieve full reconciliation” between the two parties.

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