What’s the deal with the ‘valencia’ name?

Private tour operators are scrambling to change their branding to reflect their new location in Spain.

The country is now home to one of the most visited cities in the world, and the city has a history that goes back to the ancient times.

As of last month, Valenciennes Tourist Board (TTB) had issued a list of new name ideas, some of which could help ease the name clash between the tour operators and the locals.

The company said that while the tour operator’s brand is “valencia”, it is a name that has been “a long time coming”. 

A list of ideas submitted to the tour company’s headquarters included “Valencia”, “Valencian”, “La Llorona” and “Casa Lloroni”. 

But, there are many others on the TTB’s list, including “Vallejo”, “Bogota”, “Aosta”, “Málaga” and, of course, “Villa de Valenca”. 

In addition to the brand changes, some tour operators have been forced to take action on their websites, in an attempt to avoid confusion with their new Spanish location. 

“It was very difficult because I didn’t know what I was doing,” said one of those tour operators.

“I knew I would have to make some changes on the website to avoid being confused with Valencia, but it was hard.” 

Some operators have also been forced by the TTBs decision to issue a “temporary suspension” of their online registration. 

As of last Friday, the tour companies that have registered with the TTBO will be required to provide “full documentation of the change of name to Valencio and his guests”. 

For now, the Spanish Tourist Authority (TTA) is keeping the tourist board’s advice in mind, but in the event that the tour owners have not complied, the TTA has the authority to “suspend their registration”. 

The TTA said in a statement: “We have taken the decision to suspend the registration of all the operators listed here who have not acted within their responsibilities and obligations in accordance with the Spanish regulatory framework. 

 This includes the operators that have not registered and the ones that have already been fined and penalised by the Spanish authorities. 

We have also instructed all tour operators to comply with the TTB’s regulations in all the circumstances. 

In all the cases, the tourist boards decision is a positive and we are pleased that the authorities have acted to take measures against those operators.” 

However, while the TTT is happy with the changes made to their website, they are still working to get the names of the tour and tour operators correct. 

For instance, there is a petition on change.org to rename the Valencas and Valencian companies, which is being supported by a number of local groups. 

The Valencia group has a petition to rename the tour tours company, Valencio, and its company name “Valencia”, which they are receiving support from local associations and local organisations. 

However many local groups are not happy with this decision. 

According to a local activist, the name Valences tour operator has become a reference to the area’s historical connection with the city. 

It’s important to remember that, while some of the local tour operators may not have the financial resources to defend themselves, they have a lot of support in the local community. 

On top of this, there have been some very positive developments on the part of the Spanish Government, with new legislation to allow the use of Spanish in the name of foreign tourist attractions. 

Meanwhile, there has also been some positive news for the local tourism industry. 

While the TTb said that the tourism operators’ name change is temporary, local activists said that it is important to keep the issue in the spotlight and to show the Government that their local business needs support. 

Some local businesses are working to secure support from their local associations to maintain the name change, and they are encouraging people to get involved. 

More: A video highlighting the history of the Valencias name

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