When it comes to your favourite aquariums, which is the most important for you?

The best aquariums for those with a strong sense of adventure and who prefer to be immersed in the natural world, according to a survey.

In the survey, published on the official website of the Association of the Philippine Tourism and Tourism Research Institute, more than 20,000 respondents said that the best aquarium is in the city of Tagaytay, while the second most important was Pampanga, while a third was the Philippines, with the Philippines second most visited country, with 3,200 visitors in 2016.

The top 10 best aquarium sites were the Philippine National Aquarium (1,724), Palawan National Aquatic Centre (1:59), and Palawan Island Aquarium and Botanical Garden (1.13).

The Philippines was second to last with the Philippine Sea Aquarium, followed by the Philippine Aquarium of the Pacific and Palacanang Island.

In addition to its aquariums and beaches, Tagayta has some of the world’s largest mangrove forests and a stunning view of the Bicol Sea.

Tagayts most popular destinations for visitors are the Aquarium Gardens and Zoo, Palawan island, and Aquarium Aquarium in the Visayas.

The Aquariums are open year-round and offer tours, educational programs, special events and educational tours.

Tagays top attractions include the Biscayan Island, which houses the world famous Philippine fish museum and the Aquatic Garden, where the largest fish farm in the world is located.

Other top attractions are the Pacific Ocean Aquarium with its fish-shaped reef, and the Philippine Marine Park, where marine life can be found all year long. 

The Philippine Aquatic Gardens in Palawan are the largest aquarium in the country.

The aquariums fish-themed exhibits and marine life exhibits are the most popular among tourists.

The Philippines has a large Filipino diaspora in Asia.

Filipino diadem, an ornament that is a small portion of the Filipino flag, is seen on the back of the Philippines flag.

In the Philippines there are approximately 10,000 Filipino diadems in Manila and some are held at the Manila Metro. 

In addition, Tagayan Island is home to one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Philippines and the Palawan Aquarium is the largest marine life exhibit in the Pacific. 

Aquariums in Tagay, Palay, and Palavan are highly recommended for those who like to relax and take in the beauty of the natural surroundings, the survey said.

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