Indian tour guides ‘dumped by the owners’

The owners of a private tour company have been accused of dumping a dozen members of a local Hindu community by setting them up at a hotel in the town of Jaipur and then leaving them stranded for days.

A police report obtained by Newsweek alleges that the company’s owners, Sunanda and Anand, dumped the women and their families at the Kudumbakar Guest House, a guesthouse built in the early 2000s by Sunanda’s father, Anand Kumar, for use by the family for their own use.

The police report said that Sunanda Kumar and Anis Kumar, the owners of the KUDUM guest house, refused to pay the monthly dues of the owners to the hotel’s management.

The report said the owners also refused to rent the hotel space to other guests, and denied that Sunandans wife, Anjana, had been arrested.

The report also said that the women were allegedly dumped on the outskirts of Jaisalmer, where the two families lived.

Sunanda has denied the allegations and said that she has never owned the KU guesthouse, nor did she even know the name of its owner.

Sunanda Kumar, Anis’ father, said that he did not know that the hotel had been used for the alleged dumping of the women.

Sunandans father, Sunandan, who has been in the police custody for the last nine months, has denied that he has a relationship with the alleged owner of the guesthouse.

He told Newsweek that he had hired his daughter as a maid in a guest house in Jaipurg for six months.

The two women are from the local community of Chaturvada, an area in the western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to local media, the Chaturvaas had a history of living in a rented accommodation for their families.

Sunandi Kumar said that they were only invited to Jaipuri on the invitation of the management of the hotel, which was in Jaisalmers jurisdiction.

The Kudum guesthouse was then a hotel owned by Sunandan Kumar, who is also the manager of the Jaipurs’ Kududabadi Hotel.

Sunandan Kumar has denied having any business relationship with any of the people who have been detained by police.

Sunandi Kumar and the family have also said they had no intention of leaving Jaipuria, which is the seat of Jaiswalam, a large Indian city in the north of the country, in the last days of their captivity.

Sunande Kumar said she and her family had planned to return to Jaisalms village, a village on the banks of the Juhapura river, in Jharkhand.

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