How to book a private tour in Israel’s private wine region

How to find out more about private tours in Israel.

A private tour is when a person, company or group pays for a guided tour, with the aim of spending the night in a wine region.

This is often in a hotel or villa, but also sometimes in a private house.

The tour usually includes an introduction to the region and a guided guide who talks about local traditions, culture and history.

This can be a family or corporate trip, and a private visit in Israel is not always covered by insurance.

The cost varies according to the itinerary, which includes accommodation, food and drink.

Some tours will charge an extra fee for alcohol, while others will be free.

In the case of some tours, such as the private Cappadoma wine tours in Tulkarem and Kibbutz Nirim, the cost of the wine will be charged.

To find out about private wine tours to Israel, click here.


Tel Aviv, Israel 1.1 The most popular option in Tel Aviv is to book from a hotel, which is usually located in the area of Tel Aviv and Haifa.

There are a number of hotels in the capital, with prices ranging from around 20,000-35,000 shekels for a one-night stay.

You can also rent a room at one of the hotels, which are usually located at the airport or at the Tel Aviv airport.

The most expensive one is the Hotel Tel Aviv which costs around $10,000 per night.

The best hotels are located in downtown Tel Aviv or near Haifa and the airport.

If you choose to book via a reservation, you will usually be required to pay the hotel’s security fee for the first night, then a $20 surcharge per night for the rest of the stay.

If your hotel does not have a reservation system, you can also book directly from your smartphone or from the hotel website.

A recent booking by the hotel shows that the price has risen to around $25,000 for the night.


Haifa, Israel 2.1 If you want to go to the Haifa wine region, there are a few options available.

Some hotels in Haifa offer private tours which include a guided visit with a private guide.

You should note that if you choose a guided private tour, you should also be aware of the additional fees.

These include the security fee and the additional food and beverage charges, and the hotel must also provide a map of the area.

Some of the hotel options in Haifa include the Hotel Haddoura which costs a maximum of around $35,500 per night, and offers a variety of options for a private wine tour including a private dinner, a private cab ride and a wine tasting.

It is recommended that you book the entire wine tour before you book your hotel.

Other options are the Hotel Kedumim which costs an average of $40,000 and offers an option for a family tour for around $60,000.

Other hotels in Tel Hashomer include the Haaretz Hotel which costs $55,000, the Haifaz Hotel which is in the same location as the Haibi hotel, and Tel Haifa Hotel which cost a minimum of $45,000 to book.


Haifayim, Israel 3.1 Most hotels in Hifayima have private tours as well as hotels and other accommodation options.

The cheapest option is to rent a cab or private car from the Haitai Hotel which charges around $20,000 an hour, but this can be expensive if you want a private day or night.

It also includes the extra fees of the security check, hotel fees, food costs and alcohol.

The Haitayim Hotel also provides a free tour to the area around the wine region and provides the opportunity to have a meal at the hotel restaurant and wine tasting afterwards.

The other option is the Tel Hashom Hotel which also charges a minimum $50,000 which can be more expensive than the other hotels in town.

The Tel Hashoma hotel in Hiba, which can accommodate a group of six or more people, has a private dining room and offers wine tasting at the end of the tour.

If it is the first time you book a tour in the wine regions, it is recommended to book at least a day in advance, especially if you plan on staying overnight.

You also need to note that the hotel offers free WiFi access to the hotel, but not for use on the tour itself.


Jerusalem, Israel 4.1 There are some hotels in Jerusalem that have private wine tasting, or other tour options.

These are typically located in Jerusalem’s Old City and have a range of restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants which offer a range, from a simple traditional bar to a more upscale restaurant.

There is a variety in what these places offer for visitors

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