A private tour of the Hobart waterfront with a hobbit, but only if you have a friend

A private tourist tour of Hobart’s waterfront with only hobbits is out, with an estimated budget of just under $1,500.

A website, hobbitshort.com, was set up to promote the “special edition” tour.

The hobbits tour is set to take place from Friday March 6 to Sunday March 10, and the itinerary includes the city’s two main attractions, the city centre and the surrounding areas.

“This is a special edition of the tour, and this is to coincide with Hobart Public Transport Week,” the website reads.

“All tour dates are subject to change and you will need to book the date in advance.”

Hobart’s attractions are a collection of historic buildings, with some of the best sights including a replica of the Old Market Square in the centre of town, the iconic Great Harbour, and Port Street.

A Hobart public transport website says the tour will start with a breakfast at the city council’s “Hobbits Cafe” and a guided tour of both the city and its surrounding areas, before heading to the City Hall to meet up with the tour guide.

It is also said to take about 30 minutes to reach the “Hobbits Market” with a free meal at the market, and a walk through the city.

The Hobbits tour costs $1.50 to $3.00, and costs $100 to $250 to get off the road.

The site says tickets are sold out but the tickets are only valid for three days.

Tickets are also available for a tour of St Mary’s Hall at the Hobbs Hotel.

The website does not mention which attractions the tour is aimed at, but it is believed the tour aims to include the city-centre area and the Port Street area.

The city’s Mayor, Mark McGowan, said the Hobbits Tour was an “exciting opportunity for Hobart and Hobbs”.

“The City Council has a strong history of supporting the growth of Hobbs and the Hobbings Heritage Museum, and is proud to be the Hobbes Tour operator,” he said.

“We’re very pleased that Hobbs, the Hobbies Museum and the City of Hobbes are proud partners in the project and hope to see many more people visit Hobbs.”

Tourists to Hobbs said they were excited to be on the Hobbiz Tour, and it was the second time the site had been used.

“I was very impressed by the location and it’s really good for the city as well,” said visitor Katie Meehan.

“It’s also a really great spot to see the Hobborings Market, which is a really nice place to see.”

There’s also something really special about the Hobbit Museum.

It’s actually a museum of Hobbits, and you can actually buy Hobbits.

“The Hobbit was actually a bit of a precursor to the Hobbit story, so I’m sure they’re still in use there.”

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