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The last two weeks of August have seen a surge in the number of tourists who are considering booking a private trip to the small island nation of Lapland.

As we enter the final week of summer, many of the tourists looking to tour the island are still considering the option of staying at the Four Seasons Resort and Spa in downtown Toronto.

The resort’s private tours include a guided private tour, which will cost $150 a day.

The tour is offered for three days, with two nights of accommodation included.

The four-star resort has been popular for months, with some of the island’s tourism industry leaders saying they are expecting a record number of visitors this year.

“There’s no question about that,” said David Gannon, president of the Ontario Tourism Board.

“It’s the best of all worlds for our island.”

The resort has hosted hundreds of visitors to Laplander in the past, including Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The tour will be conducted by local tour guides, who will take you on a private guided tour of the resort, including a stop at the famous ‘Four Seasons’ Restaurant and Lounge.

Gannon said the resort has received thousands of requests for tours of the Four Stars since the resort opened its doors in February.

“We are not expecting a huge increase,” he said.

“The last thing we want is people to feel they’ve been forgotten.”

The Four Seasons, which opened in July of 2015, was originally created to serve as a retreat for the British Royal Family.

Gannon said his resort is currently hosting about 200 guests a day, and the group has received a lot of positive feedback.

“People are really enjoying it,” he added.

“A lot of them have come back and said, ‘I just can’t wait to go to the Four-Stars again.'”

The Four-stars was built by the French and built for the island nation, which is also home to the Canadian Navy’s Atlantic patrol and the Canadian Forces’ Arctic and Antarctic patrol.

Its unique layout allows visitors to enjoy a view of the islands from a variety of different viewpoints, including the iconic Four Seasons Tower.

The Four Stars was closed to the public in October, and Gannon says he is planning to reopen in January of 2019.

“When you look at the size of the business and how much the company has been doing, it’s absolutely amazing,” he explained.

“The company has sold almost $100 million worth of goods and services.

We’re not a small company, but we’ve been able to scale that up in a very short time.”

Gannon has already received over 1,000 inquiries about the Four Sights.

The owners of the four-stars are also considering selling the property to raise capital for renovations to the resort.

“I don’t think we’ve had any real conversations with anybody that we think we can make that happen,” said Andrew Gannon.

“I think we are a very lucky little island to have this kind of luxury.

We’ve got some very good assets.”

The owners have also been talking about moving the island into a more sustainable development plan.

“We have the best facilities in the world,” said Gannon of the private resort.

“There’s so much space in the hotel, the restaurant and the lounge.

It’s a wonderful environment.”

The Gannon family is also planning to renovate the Four Diamond Hotel in the same building, and they are looking at building a new hotel on the island.

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