A tour of a former Hindu temple site in Tamil Nadu

The Indian government has opened the doors of a temple on the outskirts of Chennai for tourists to see its treasures, but many are doubtful about its future.

The Tirupati Temple, an ancient Hindu temple and site that dates back to the 12th century, has been in the hands of the state government for more than 40 years, but the state’s tourism department says the city authorities have closed the building to allow visitors.

The decision was taken in a bid to “re-introduce tourism in the city,” tourism minister Vijayakanth said, according to a report by a local newspaper.

The government’s decision has not gone down well with many tourists, who say the building was built in the name of a god and that its contents are sacred.

They have been protesting against the decision on social media, including one by a group called the Hindu Diaspora.

The state government has said that it plans to build a new temple on a site it purchased in 2007 and that it will “take the opportunity to show the visitors of Tamil Nadu the beauty and history of this magnificent and beautiful temple.”

But the government has also said that its plans to reopen the temple are still in the planning stages.

The temple, which is located in Tirupatli, is located about 60 kilometres (40 miles) from the city of Chennai, a coastal city on the south coast of India.

Tourism officials from the Tirupatti State Tourism Development Corporation said they have visited the site recently and found it “an amazing and precious relic.”

They told The Associated Press that the temple is part of the cultural heritage of the people who lived there.

“The temple is a temple of Vishnu.

There are some statues in the temple, as well as sculptures, and they were found to be sacred,” said Ravi Vaidya, director of the Tiruvai temple.

“We have never heard of anything happening to the temple.

This is not the way a temple is supposed to be,” he added.”

We will have to take up the issue with the state and see what we can do.

It is a matter of national significance.

It has been here for centuries,” said another official, who declined to be named because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

He added that while the temple has been preserved for more as a cultural heritage, it was not always so.

“In the ancient days, temples were not built in temples.

In the Hindu scriptures, temples are built by a king.

In ancient times, the temple was built by the goddess Kali, who became the ruler of the land,” he said.

The Hindu Diversified Society of India, which represents many of the Tamil diaspora, has called on the state to preserve the temple and ensure that it is open to visitors.

The group said that tourists should visit the site and learn about the ancient history of the site.

“The temple was not built for any particular deity, but for the goddess of love, love of the family and love of all,” the group said in a statement.

“If the temple remains closed, we will not be able to learn about our history.”

The state has said it will continue to provide tours of the temple to visitors and to “explore the history and significance of this historic building,” a spokesperson for the tourism department said in an email.

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