First time on ‘Fishing Adventures of the Highlands’ to feature a ghost story

An Australian-made TV show about the ghosts of the famous hunting and fishing towns of the South Atlantic, called ‘Facing Ghosts’, has been named a new Australian TV series of its own.

The series, based on the book ‘Ghosts of the North Sea’, is a series of three episodes each that follows a different ghost story.

The first episode, ‘The Hunters’, follows the ghost of a fisherman in the Black Sea, who was a fisherman and hunter.

The second episode, titled ‘Faring the Ghosts’, follows a ghost in the North East of Scotland.

The third episode, called ”The Hunt’, follows two hunters who are chasing a killer whale and a fisherman who is trying to kill a bear.

The show is being produced by Australian company Kaleidoscope Entertainment and will be airing on ABC TV, Channel Ten, Nine and Ten Ten.

The ghost story ”is a haunting, haunting tale of two brothers who lost their way in a harsh and unforgiving world,” said executive producer and writer Mark Rimmer.

The production team include actor Sam Wilson, who has also appeared in ”Faces Places”.

”It’s a story about two brothers in a small, unforgiving place trying to find their way and find their own way back home,” Mr Rimmer said.

”Sam Wilson is such an incredibly talented actor, he’s such a good guy, he really brings it to life, he gives it that edge.”

Mr Rimmers wife, Sarah, also plays a ghost hunter.

”I’ve always loved ghost stories, it’s something that’s very much in my blood, it was always something that I’d wanted to do, but it was a lot of work to get the part, and the work that it took was incredible,” he said.

Mr Ritter said the ghost story was based on real historical events and stories that had been told to the actors.

”You could see the passion in the eyes of the actors as they did the scenes, they were completely exhausted and just having a great time,” he added.

”We were trying to make it feel as real as possible, but there’s a little bit of the supernatural as well.”

There was a sense of unease in the house, a sense that we were all going to die at some point, and we didn’t want that to be an empty feeling.”

The show is very much about the spirits, it has a very supernatural feel to it, but not too much,” Mr Wilson said.

‘Weird’ stories about the dead being taken on to the afterlife, including a ghost who died in the ocean in the 1800s.

The project was originally commissioned in 2017 and was produced by Kaleidsoscope Entertainment, who also produced the popular BBC series ”Sins of the Father”.

Mr River said it was not the first time the producers had worked with Kaleidescape.

”There was one of our projects in the United States, and it was the first one we had done on Australian soil, which was a series called ”Dead Ghosts”.”

The story we told there, the way the characters died, it went very much into that spirit of the American and British horror movies of the 1960s and 1970s,” Mr Lillis said.

He said Kaleidiscape had been a fan of the show and had even filmed a scene where they filmed a real ghost.

Mr Lellis said he had spoken to the producers about adapting the ghost stories into a television series and they were “huge fans”.

”The stories we told were very strange, but also very real,” he told 7.30.

”They were just stories that we had heard and seen and were like, ‘what could this be?’

”He said they also loved the idea of exploring the ghost hunting aspect of the story.

”It is something that we’re very proud of, it feels very Australian, and that’s why we made the show,” he continued.

”When you think about it, we’re a British company, and in Australia we do a lot more traditional British ghost hunting.”

Kaleidisscape will also make a film version of the series.

”The film is very ambitious, it is not a series, it isn’t a television show, it just feels like the story we were trying too,” Mr Cuthberts said.

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