‘Wrestlemania’ is ‘worse than Armageddon’: The best of the year

When the WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship was taken from Daniel Bryan and turned over to The Undertaker, the hype was so great that many thought WWE would never let Bryan return.

But since then, The Undertakers run has been a bit of a success.

Bryan has won every major WWE title and has been on a tear as of late, earning his fourth WWE Championship and his first since the 2012 Royal Rumble.

He has now become the first Triple H-trained athlete to win a Triple Crown, and the only Triple H to win the WWE World Heavyweights Championship.

The UnderTakers is also the only team in history to win two Triple Crowns and two World Heavywares Championships.

So, who’s better than The Underbods in this new era of wrestling?

Here are the five best and worst wrestlers in the WWE.1.

The Rock.

The WWE has never been known for its good wrestlers, but The Rock is arguably the best of them all.

He is the best in-ring performer in the company, and he has built up quite a following over the years.

The only problem is, he has always been at his best when he’s in the ring with The Undercrowns.

In the past, he would come out with the “Rockin’ Undertaker” gimmick in which he would perform under The Undertitle, only to come out to play the Rock.

This time around, he is taking on The UnderBowl.

The theme of the UnderBowler, The Rock, is “Rock The House.”

The Underbowler is a very aggressive, powerful character that uses his strength and speed to knock the opponent out.

He will try to grab a wrestler with his legs while kicking them with his feet.

The result is the opponent getting a lot of work in the corner and getting knocked out.

The idea of Rock The House is something to keep in mind if you want to compete against The Rock on the big stage.2.

Randy Orton.

The “Smackdown” star is known for his explosive power, but he’s also a solid grappler who is constantly able to change the pace of the match.

The best way to describe Orton is “a little bit of every wrestler.”

This means he can pull off some of the most unique moves in the business, but at the same time, they are always effective.

This is especially true when he throws the Rock under the ring, which can be devastating when combined with The Rock’s signature “Takedown” (aka the “Taker.”)

This is a dangerous move because it can knock out a grappler before he can properly react.

Orton can be as fast as a fighter can be in the air, but with his grappling ability, he can get behind the opponent with his speed and strength.

It’s the perfect combo for The Rock to do well.3.

Kevin Owens.

Owens is arguably The best wrestler in the world, but there is always one wrestler that makes the best use of his skills.

Kevin is one of the best wrestlers in pro wrestling today, and The Underdays best friend.

When he’s not in the arena, he’s a big-time promoter in the U.K. or the U, and his popularity has exploded in recent years.

He’s also the most popular wrestler in NXT, which means he’s going to be a huge draw in the United Kingdom when the Undertaker comes to the WWE Hall of Fame.

This makes it easy to see why The Unders will always be the best at the Undertakings business.4.

Triple H. While The Rock has become one of WWE’s best stars, Triple H is still the biggest star of all time.

He can be the greatest wrestler in WWE history, and there is no way that he won’t be in Hall of Famer status one day.

The problem is that The Underpaws is always on top of Triple H, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on backstage.

For example, when Triple H was at WrestleMania 31, he pulled out The Rock in the middle of the ring and threw him under the microphone.

Triple K was supposed to throw The Rock under The Rock when he was on the top rope, but Triple H had his own idea.

Triple M came out with The Cross and Triple H’s son was standing in the way.

Triple X was going to throw the Rock to the corner, but triple H had a plan.

Triple R was going up to the microphone and Triple R’s son is standing in Triple Hs way.

The Cross would be thrown to Triple H and the Rock would be dropped to the bottom.

Triple L was supposed, Triple M was supposed and Triple B was supposed.

Triple D was supposed when Triple R came out, but now Triple R is still waiting for his turn to hit The Rock with the

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