Month: October 2021

When will it be open again?

The last time the restaurant was open was in December 2007, after its lease expired.The company that owns the restaurant has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.The restaurant is in the midst of a two-year renovation.It is still open on Sundays, but the restaurant will be closed during the month of March.The renovation will […]

Private tours in Nepal’s Nepali capital: What you need to know

Private tour operators in Kathmandu have been offering a number of private tours to Nepal’s capital city since the start of the year.The Nepali government, however, has been very cautious in accepting the tour industry’s bids.The government has said that private tours in Kathpa­nam are not safe and have to be booked at the airport, […]

How to plan your vacation in Poland: A guide to private tours

By MARTIN LOUISE LOPEZ-SARASOThe United States has been the dominant destination for travelers to the Eastern European nation, but Poland is offering a variety of different ways to get there.From traditional, privately owned tours to trips that offer free wi-fi, the country offers several options to suit every budget and budget traveler.Here are some of […]

When it comes to British public transport, the UK is one of the world’s most congested places

Private tours can be more expensive than public transport but there’s one major difference: they’re not as easy to get into.While public transport is generally a quicker, safer way to get around, the average Briton still prefers the private option.Here’s what you need to know about the UK’s public transport system.1.The average Britony doesn’t like […]

Which countries are hosting private tours for Easter?

The following countries are currently hosting private tour companies for Easter: Afghanistan: Khaplang Tours, Bakar Tours,Bakasar Tours ,Bahrain: Khaplanga, Bahraini Tour,Canada: Giraffes Tours,Chile: Santiamo Tours,China: Tours Hong Kong,China Tour Shanghai,Egypt: Rameses,Egypt Toukiden,France: Pas de Calais,Germany: Das Tour,Honduras: Mazatlan,Haiti: Lacoste,Israel: Shavit,Jordan: Harem,Kuwait: Bana,Kazakhstan: Azad,Kyrgyzstan:  Dzoram,Lebanon: Abbas Tours,Laos: Cherkassy,Libya: Mahrou,Malaysia: Fulani,Malawi: Nadir,Mexico: La Marea,New Zealand: Blackwater,Norway: Stromstad,Pakistan: Karachi,Poland: Zapaty,Romania:  Bogotá,Serbia: Alba,Slovakia: Einsa Tour,Spain: Tour du Nord,United Kingdom: London,United States: Oberland,United Nations: Ambassadors Tour,Zimbabwe: Yunnan Tours.

How to make a great private tour in Indochina

Split private tours can be tricky and time-consuming.But a new online tool allows people to split their tours in two, making it easy to plan a new visit.The site splits the itinerary into two sections, allowing for a more focused experience for everyone.The new website offers a “one-stop shopping” service which allows people from all […]

Epcot: Disney’s Flagship Private Tours, Flagship Tours, & Flagship Epcot Private Tours Available for Pre-registration at Epcot 2018

Epcot is coming to a close.This is a sad day for everyone involved.We have been honored to share with you the most amazing experiences in our parks over the years and the many amazing stories that have come out of our adventures, and we can only imagine what it’s like to be able to share […]

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