When it comes to British public transport, the UK is one of the world’s most congested places

Private tours can be more expensive than public transport but there’s one major difference: they’re not as easy to get into.

While public transport is generally a quicker, safer way to get around, the average Briton still prefers the private option.

Here’s what you need to know about the UK’s public transport system.


The average Britony doesn’t like to take public transport This is because public transport in the UK has been plagued by problems since the 1970s.

In the late 1970s, a number of major events occurred in the capital of London, causing crowds and delays for passengers.

This prompted the government to take measures to improve the public transport network, including new stations, improved timetables, better routes, and the introduction of the national metro system.

However, this didn’t stop the problems of the public transit system from persistently plaguing the country.

Today, public transport has seen some significant improvements since the 1990s.

The number of trains in the city has dropped by almost a third and by 2020, the number of buses will reach more than 300,000.

But these improvements have only come in the last few years, and it’s likely that even more drastic changes are coming.

The country’s public transportation system is a lot more complex than you might think 1:13 A new system of buses, taxis and private cars has been introduced in London’s outer boroughs, known as Wardour and Southwark.

This means that many people will be able to take a private bus from one part of the capital to another, and this is something the government has been working on for a number in recent years.

These changes are a major step towards improving the way public transport works in the country, but there are still major issues with how these changes are implemented.

Private buses are a great way to travel from one side of the city to the other in London, but it’s not a quick and easy process.

The London Underground (LU) trains are the most common method of public transport for people in the Capital, and a number more public transport services operate in the area.

The most common way of travelling from one station to another is via the Underground.

The first bus to arrive at each station has a number displayed on the side of it, while other buses display different numbers for their stops and times.

On some buses, the numbers are more or less on the same line as the bus.

This is why it’s sometimes confusing for people to know which way they’re supposed to take the bus to get from one bus to another.

For example, a London Underground train can go from Piccadilly to Kings Cross or Piccads Garden.

If you want to travel in the same direction, you should take the Metro, which is a different way of taking the same bus to the same station.

However you get on, it’s generally faster to take Metro than Tube.

The Tube and Metro stations are usually separated by a large barrier, so it’s best to use the bus first if you’re going to be at the Tube station.

The Metro is faster and more convenient than the Tube, but if you have to take it in a certain direction, there are other options.

You can take the London Overground from central London to a tube station, or you can take a bus from the Northern line to St Pancras, then take the Underground to Kings House.

If a bus is delayed by more than an hour, the operator will give you a phone number so you can call if you need a refund.

This can be very helpful if you find the journey a bit difficult, or if you decide to stop at a stop outside the city, as the Underground is often quicker than the Metro.

2:23 A bus passes through the middle of the street in London in 2018 3:19 A bus in the suburbs is slow and congested in 2018 4:22 A bus leaves the city center in 2019 5:29 A bus from Waterloo to the South West is slow in 2019 6:03 Bus travel is slower in London than in other European cities 7:14 Bus travel in London is also slower than in some European cities, but the city is still the fastest growing place in Europe when it comes out of winter and the summer.

This has been attributed to the fact that the winters are much longer in London compared to other European capitals.

In summer, the city gets more than four days of sunshine per year, which helps to reduce the amount of snow that falls in the winter.

The city also gets less rain than most European cities because the area is generally covered in ice.

The winter temperature in London drops below freezing in some parts of the country as a result.

There are a number other factors that make public transport very slow, including overcrowding and poor service.

There’s also the problem of the Underground network, which has seen a series of service issues in recent months.

While the Tube network is in very good shape

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