Chernobyl tours with private tour group to mark 25 years of meltdown

A private tour company in Romania has released a documentary to mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

The documentary, which is due to be released in early 2019, tells the story of the families of those who died at the Chernovtsi nuclear power plant.

The company, Chernobyl Tours, has also released a new documentary on the Chernoshire plant, called Chernobyl: A Portrait of a City.

The film will be broadcast on TV channels in Romania, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia.

The new documentary will be released on TV networks in Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine in the spring.

“It is a tribute to the Romanian people, of course, and to the people of Chernobyl, to show how Romania and the world can overcome this tragedy,” said Maria Ionut, director of Chernoshires Chernobyl Tour, which has produced many documentaries on the disaster.

“I hope it will inspire people and inspire them to be more responsible and responsible.

It is a gift to Romania, and a gift of hope for all Romania.”

The Chernobyl tours will be held in four towns, and the Romanian Government has allocated 300,000 euros ($402,000) for the project.

In 2014, Romania was awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Chernowics Nuclear Disaster.

Ionut said the company is aiming to have two tour groups in the future.

The Chernoshisei nuclear plant in Ukraine is the second largest reactor in the world after the Chernoshev plant in Russia.

The plant was built to handle nuclear weapons, and was the site of a massive explosion and meltdown in 1986, after which a huge amount of radioactive material was released.

In the United States, the accident was blamed on the negligence of the operator, the United Nations, and in 2011, a former employee of the plant died.

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