Why is Egypt leaving out its private rail tour guides?

Private rail tours and other services are now available on the Egypt Railways website, but the company’s website only lists one train tour company in its list of operators.

Private tour operators are allowed to operate on the national network but they are required to abide by strict rules and regulations that make them financially difficult to operate in the country.

Private companies can be found in almost every major city in the Middle East and beyond.

The operator of one of those companies, Eros Tours, is a subsidiary of a Chinese company that operates more than 300 private tours in Egypt.

This is not the first time that the EgyptRailways website has listed a private rail company that has not been officially licensed to operate.

In February 2018, EgyptRailroads said it would suspend a permit for the company that owns the company operating the company, Ero Tours, because it had failed to obtain a government license for its own tour service.

However, Eror Tours did not apply for a permit from the Egyptian Railways to operate, and EgyptRail said it was suspending the permit for a number of reasons.

Ero Tours is a private company.

Its operators are registered in China, and the Chinese company operates a number a private tours and tours from other countries.

Egypt’s government has been under pressure from rights groups to stop private operators from operating.

But the government has consistently rejected the notion that the state should be the one who decides whether or not private operators should be operating in Egypt, citing the importance of the country’s national infrastructure and tourism industry to the country and the safety of its citizens.

Egypt has faced many scandals involving the safety and security of its public transport system, including the deadly stampede at the Cairo Airport in July 2015.

A group of rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, have also accused Egypt of failing to protect passengers and crew at the country, with rights groups claiming that Egypt has not yet received adequate safeguards for the safety, security and welfare of its passengers and staff.

Egypt’s Railways is not required to obtain permits from the Ministry of Transport, but many local governments have done so, and local governments can issue them.

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