How to make a private visit to the Vatican with a trusted guide

It may be a few days before you can fly home to Italy, but you can still do one of the most important things you can do on the planet: Make a private tour.

It’s one of those things that can be done in your lifetime, but it requires the most commitment, and it can cost a fortune.

If you’re a little old-fashioned, the idea is to book an itinerary of the Vatican using a trusted private guide who will guide you through a series of historical, archaeological and architectural sites in Rome and beyond.

It might not be the most glamorous or the most expensive option, but the price is worth it, experts say.

Read more: Private tours can be expensive.

What you need to know about private tours in Italy Read more 1.

Find a private guide What you will need: A guidebook (usually a paperback or a hardback book) and your passport and/or driving licence.

A trusted private tour guide.

A private driver to take you around the site.

A guide to Italy to get you to and from the sites.

A camera, tripod and a smartphone.

An internet connection.


Book your itinerary A trusted guide can be the difference between you getting the trip you want and getting lost in the maze of Rome.

But don’t be tempted to just book a private trip.

Find out what it’s like to get lost in Rome from the point of view of a trusted member of the public.

Read about why you should book a guided tour for your family.


Book the itinerary When you book your private tour, you are paying for it.

If the guidebook says you’ll have to pay £3,000 for the tour, that’s what you’re paying for.

If they say the price will be lower if you pay less, that is when you should pay.

Read a guidebook to make sure you know the price you’ll be paying.


Go and book the tour If you can’t get into Rome without a guide, there are other options.

You can hire a car or go on a bike.

You could rent a car from a private rental company.

If that’s not possible, there’s a website called which lets you find a private driver who will take you.


Take a picture and upload the photo The guidebook is a good start.

But if you can find someone to take the picture for you, you can use that to your advantage.

If it’s a tourist, try to take pictures of the Pope and other dignitaries in the Vatican.

And if it’s an archaeologist, take pictures as they examine a monument, as they survey an area and as they make a mark.

That way, you’ll know if they’ve visited the site before.


Book a tour online When you click on the link, you will get a QR code that allows you to download a printout of the guide, the photo and the guide book.

You’ll also get a list of all the places you can see from the website.

Here’s how to take a photo of a building, from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tunnel.


Wait a few hours When you’re ready to take photos, you have a few more options.

When you get home, print out your QR code and hand it to your guide.

He’ll scan the QR code into the computer and print it out.


Post the photo on Instagram or Twitter If you use the Instagram app, you may want to upload the picture to your Instagram account and then send it to a friend.

Or, if you’re going to Instagram your guide, use a third-party app.

If there are any questions about the guide or the photo, you should email the guide directly, but if you don’t, you might need to talk to a local guide.

Find more tips to take better pictures of Italy in Italy

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