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Which countries are hosting private tours for Easter?

The following countries are currently hosting private tour companies for Easter: Afghanistan: Khaplang Tours, Bakar Tours,Bakasar Tours ,Bahrain: Khaplanga, Bahraini Tour,Canada: Giraffes Tours,Chile: Santiamo Tours,China: Tours Hong Kong,China Tour Shanghai,Egypt: Rameses,Egypt Toukiden,France: Pas de Calais,Germany: Das Tour,Honduras: Mazatlan,Haiti: Lacoste,Israel: Shavit,Jordan: Harem,Kuwait: Bana,Kazakhstan: Azad,Kyrgyzstan:  Dzoram,Lebanon: Abbas Tours,Laos: Cherkassy,Libya: Mahrou,Malaysia: Fulani,Malawi: Nadir,Mexico: La Marea,New Zealand: Blackwater,Norway: Stromstad,Pakistan: Karachi,Poland: Zapaty,Romania:  Bogotá,Serbia: Alba,Slovakia: Einsa Tour,Spain: Tour du Nord,United Kingdom: London,United States: Oberland,United Nations: Ambassadors Tour,Zimbabwe: Yunnan Tours.

Singaporean tourists in China – A guide for the journey

Private gettyman tours are on the rise in China, where they are now seen as the next step in getting to know your country.But the country’s elite travel in the private sector is a controversial topic.As the government tries to build up a middle class, it is also seeking to attract the countrys most wealthy […]

EPIC LIVES: Luxor’s Luxor private tours reveal hidden history and hidden treasures

Luxor, the ancient city on the banks of the Nile, has been home to a unique culture that dates back more than 3,000 years.It is also the site of one of the world’s most important ancient tombs, with an estimated 100,000 skeletons and the remains of an estimated 50,000 people who died in the city’s […]

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